About AiHub

Today we want to tell you more about who we are and what we do.
AiHub is a communication platform for AI professionals from all over the world. A community of data scientists around the world, which actively participates in contests and hackathons, takes the first places and builds their careers consciously, improving their own Hard skills and choosing dream companies.

AiHub brings together over 50,000 experts in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

AiHub brings together over 50,000 experts in the Artificial Intelligence industry and helps them in employment. Company was founded in 2016. The aim was to help scientists to earn more money and entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses by integrating scientific processes.
Since then company has morphed into a recruiting agency, which mainly deals with talent acquisition at hackathons, conferences, meetups and helping companies make good offers to worthy candidates.

Evgenia Xasis


We have yearly recruiting contracts with all of the top corporations in Russia, as well as with some starp-ups in Europe and the US, who trust us to find excellent candidates with unique skill sets. 
We are a boutique agency. We don't go after all the available vacancies but focus on and have expertise in recruiting AI-specialists. We aim to work in such a way that our client doesn't notice the difference between the work of their own in-house recruiter and our staff. We fill senior and lead positions very quickly, our average closing time is 2 weeks. We are able to do this because of our huge base and active networking with hackathon participants.

Evgenia Xasis

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