Correct skill passport

Last winter we hired a lot of PHP developers for an international company. My team searched for applicants in all cities and countries and also used all possible channels to attract possible candidates. It has happened that we looked through about 1,700 resumes for this role...

1,700 resumes for the role.  

Question: How many of them do you think were hired? 

Just 25.

This is a good indicator. A lot of people get cut off at the interview stage. But here's what's important! Even more, are cut without getting a chance to even talk to recruiters. 

According to my data, out of 1700 people, we have not even invited more than half of the people to their resume! 60% of candidates don't have a chance to talk to recruiters because of a bad resume. That means your CV should glow!

Typical mistakes people make when writing their resumes are that there is no complete story from beginning to the end where you describe your experience. Recruiters see ragged experiences and throw resumes in the trash.

There is no correctly described passport of skills. Recruiters see your stack, but they want to know what kind of person you are, what from the described stack you really know how to use, and what you just heard about. There is no correct skill passport - the resume goes into the trash.
What projects have you completed? If you do not correctly describe the results of your work, your resume goes into the trash.

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