The main benefits of LinkedIn

We've asked group of people about LinkedIn and it turned out that they know very little! So let's take a look at the main benefits of LinkedIn:

  • you want to be considered an expert outside the country you live in.
  • offers from clients - it's nice when they are messaging you directly, not through corporate mail
  • LinkedIn is designed to help people looking for a job to find employers who are looking for employees. The more time you invest into your page, the higher up your page is in an employer's search results.
  • offers from conference organizers. You're building your personal brand and like to speak at conferences, you want to get international exposure through marketing and PR for your company - LinkedIn is the arena for you
  • offers from startups/scientific laboratories in need of an advisor
  • if you want to attract clients from other countries - is there any other platform where you will find so many international professionals?
  • do you want to become a startup co-founder? 2020 has shown that it's time to be able to use digital tools to meet like-minded people in order to collaborate.
  • receive offers outside of Russia from large companies (Facebook/Google). These corporations definitely use LinkedIn to find talented people. 

Does anyone know any other uses for LinkedIn?