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Women employed in Tech

I said earlier that I consider increasing the number of women employed in Tech to be a very important vector for the development of the industry as a whole. Today I'm going to share with you some of the programs and awards that are helping to do this.

The Abie Awards are part of Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), an annual conference and celebration of women in STEM. Winners receive a cash prize, the opportunity to speak at the GHC along with an expenses-paid trip to the event. The award ceremony also includes the Technical Leadership and the Student of Vision Abie Awards, while other awards are presented biannually. 

The Women in IT Awards Series, hosted by Information Age, is a global IT award series that highlights the accomplishments of women in STEM. Award ceremonies take place in New York, Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, Singapore, Berlin, Dublin and Bucharest. The award series aims to help close the diversity gap in tech by addressing inequality and encouraging key industry leaders to engage in "constructive" conversations about diversity in tech. 

Hosted by Women Tech Founders (WTF), the WIT awards recognize the industry's most innovative female founders, investors, leaders and talent. The event gives female founders a chance to connect with female investors, and leaders can find diverse and educated talent. It's not just an awards gala, it's a networking event that helps women build a community of other women in the industry to inspire, mentor and guide each other through their careers.