AiHub hackathons

Hackathon organization chart

Stage 1. Setting goals

At the meeting with the customer, the main goals of the hackathon are determined; usually there are three of them:


the customer provides a dataset to our data scientists, who anonymise and clean up the data, divide the sample into training, test and private categories and submit it to the hackathon. This is a consulting service


the company wants to hire top developers (mostly data scientists)


the task is to grow the HR brand and increase the company's brand awareness

Stage 2. Participant gathering

Duration: 48 hours. Number of participants: unlimited. If the event is held offline, there is a food court, servers, and each team workplace has access to Wi-Fi.

The first day. Beginning of the event:

PR and Marketing

  • Finding information partners 
  • Preparation of the PR and marketing strategy for the event (which business goals of the company the event corresponds to, what results need to be achieved, promotion channels, which metrics will be used to assess the event's effectiveness). Landing page is created
  • Creating an event on all social networks, online platforms and aggregators
  • Writing a press release for the event
  • Sending press releases to the media
  • Monitoring statistics and feedback
PR and Marketing

Community work: finding developers through communities

  • Formation of a list of channels to attract developers
  • Informing developers about our customers and their goals, description of the event concept
  • Attracting influencers: experts share information about our event on social networks
  • We cooperate with universities and student organizations
Organize a hackathon
Community work: finding developers through communities

Stage 3. The event

Duration: 48 hours. Number of participants: unlimited. If the event is held offline, there is a food court, servers, and each team workplace has access to Wi-Fi.

athering and registration of participants

welcome speech by the host

task presentation from partner companies

team building process

Pitches from participants
name, brief information about yourself, expectations from the hackathon. The teams are introduced. If a participant came to the event alone, it's time to choose a team and join it. Two telegram chats are created for each hackathon: in the first chat, participants communicate with each other, and in the second chat, the organizers provide information about the progress of the hackathon

Issuance of data sets and servers to participants.
The teams begin to work

During the first checkpoint, 
information about the team is collected: Who is the leader? What kind of people are on the team? Which of our partners' tasks have they taken on? Do the participants have any experience in solving the problem, have they encountered it before? The teams' progress is assessed by taking into account the speed with which they achieved a solution to the task and the quality of the solution.

The second day.  The teamwork begins.

There are three checkpoints on this day:


assessment of the solution's relevance and its compliance with the original problem


conciseness, efficacy, relevance, modernity of the proposed code


market demand, economics and resource intensity of the proposed solution's implementation for the customer

The third day. Two checkpoints.

  • assessment of the technologies used
  • assessment of the business model and relevance to the market

Participants' presentation 

Finally, the teams submit a clickable prototype with a brief overview - 200 words about the project. The jury has access to an Excel spreadsheet with expert comments on the results of the checkpoints. The team is evaluated based on certain criteria, taking into account the opinion of the jury members. 

Discussion of the projects by the jury

A decision is made on which team is the winner. 

Award ceremony

After the ceremony, based on the initial goals, teams either sell their prototypes or receive job offers in partnership format or formal employment. The winning teams receive a cash prize and special prizes from the sponsoring companies.

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