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We will find the best software & tech specialists for your projects

We can speed up the search for specialists who are the perfect fit for your company.

We select effective specialists by headhunting and searching Linkedin. We also use our own constantly updated database of specialists, handpicked at our hackathons, conferences and meetups.

Experts, mentors and juries participate in our hackathons and conferences - they are all professionals with a high degree of technical and managerial expertise, product knowledge, and some are C-level executives of international startups. Specialists take part with the goal of constant improvement of their skills through participation in competitions, master classes, bootcamps and hackathons.

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How we select a specialist for your project

You brief our team based on your criteria such as age, gender, education profile, work experience and salary range of your preferred candidate, as well as preferences for any additional courses taken in the professional field or participation in hackathons; the interview process, whether there will be a test task, etc. Based on the information received, we select participants and provide 5 to 10 relevant candidates that fully comply with your brief.

We develop a competency map, outline a range of suitable candidates, analyze your request, monitor our database of specialists, make a mailing list and select the best candidates for each specific position: we conduct interviews and communicate with candidates.

We fill vacancies for middle plus, senior and lead positions - thanks to our database of hackathon participants, as well as mentors, jury members and invited experts from our events.

In our first 5 years, AiHub has
filled 298 vacancies for 51 companies


Our standard placement fee is 25% of the candidate's annual income with 5 000 USD prepayment required and the balance due upon commencement  of employment. 


If you aren't completely satisfied with the candidate selection within the first three months then we will provide a suitable replacement at no additional cost.

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Igor Monahov

СЕО at Club

Thanks to productive interaction, we closed the positions of developers and HR

Sergey Rykov

Technical Director

We realised the need to introduce advanced technologies and hired one of the hackathon participants.