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In a world where time is the ultimate currency, AiHub redefines speed in tech recruitment. When we were tasked to fill a DevOps role, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. In just 2 days, our client was presented with three top-notch candidates, handpicked for their suitability for the role. But at AiHub, we don't measure our delivery times in months, or even weeks - we count in hours. Don't take our word for it - take a look at their resumes here and experience our lightning-fast delivery and uncompromising quality for yourself.

We have expertise in working with technology startups and large multinational companies. AiHub is constantly in the looks for qualified Tech employees of various stacks and experience levels.

We fulfill all Tech-related vacancies, starting from CTO and developers, and down to Sales Managers and HR.

Game Start-Up

AiHub was approached this year by one of our clients, a game development startup, with an urgent request to set up a team to create and promote their business.

AiHub worked closely with the client, consulting on profiles to determine the applicants most qualified for the position.


Over the course of two months, we have staffed the startup team with Blockchain developers, FullStack developers, Frontend engineers, QA, and Unity developers by helping to employ 7 highly qualified professionals.

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Game Start-Up

Healthcare sector

We had another fascinating startups that highlights our diverse experience. Our next client was an American startup, a developer of software for the healthcare sector. They required HR and Frontend Developers.


By carefully choosing the right candidates, we have promptly filled vacant positions. We always aim to focus on a long-term partnership, and right now our client has approached us once more who wish to hire 4 tech development specialists.

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Healthcare sector

International Company

A company providing identity and biometric solutions, working with AiHub has grown from a startup into a company delivering its services internationally.

We have assembled a team of developers from earliest stages, by bringing in qualified candidates specialising in the field of Voice Recognition, TTS, Computer vision and etc.

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International Company


Liquid Access

Mikhail Balashov, Team Lead

We required a front-end-focused Full Stack engineer. In order to achieve these goals, we connected AiHub. Working with AiHub Group was generally enjoyable; there were no communication issues and everything went smoothly.


Ekaterina Pushkina, HRBP

Fast and very accurate IT candidate sourcing and screening! Thank you for your help and efforts during the process. You have been very helpful and held my hand to go through every single step. I am very grateful to have you as my agency and I will definitely recommend my friends to seek your help in the future when they need to find great IT candidates! Thanks again for everything!

Bluelight. Inc

Michael Khripin, CPO

We had a good experience working with AiHub; they assisted us in quickly closing 8 developers with various levels and stacks. If any issues emerged, AiHub handled them in a timely manner and with great organization. We had great fun working with their staff since they were attentive, knowledgable, and committed to helping us identify the best prospects.


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