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We work with the largest companies in the USA and beyond

Our clients include Microsoft, Phillips, Google, Scentbird, Cyberhull, Latoken, Ai Target, ID RND, Just AI, Connect Club, Lokalise, Mighty buildings and many others.

We work with the largest companies in the USA and beyond

Over the years, we have hired

Tech specialists for the positions of DevOps, Senior Python developer, CTO, Data scientist, Embedded Developers, NLP leads, etc., and we continue to recruit the best specialists to our customers' teams.

Over the years, we have hired

We find talents with the skills and experience

necessary to perform complex tasks in Tech. AiHub brings together more than 50 000 software engineers and developers ready to help corporate companies test hypotheses and create AI-powered products.

We find talents with the skills and experience

AiHub team helps to solve business problems using artificial intelligence

We develop businesses based on artificial intelligence, helping every worthy idea to become a real product or service. Our database contains an impressive list of specialists with experience in various fields of artificial intelligence application.

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We recruit professionals who specialise in:

programming skills (Python, C++, C#, PHP, Java, React, R, etc.)

data retrieval and visualization and machine-learning methods

experience applying libraries TensorFlow, Theano or other similar to NLP problems

creation of DevOps process architecture, structuring data collection, building a system for creating interactive artificial intelligence, etc.

solid mathematical knowledge: understanding of mathematical modeling, statistical methods in data analysis

experience of participation in the development of Dialogue Systems, Artificial Intelligence System

On AiHub,
companies can:

  • find a team with expertise and AI-groundwork to solve business problems
  • prototype and test product RND-hypotheses
  • study analytics, receive industry news, e-mail updates with relevant event announcements, market analytics, deals and new product releases
  • find partners, technology, talented developers - winners of hackathons to work for their company
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On AiHub,
specialists can:

  • participate in hackathons
  • improve their CV, professional and social skills to get more interesting job offers
  • receive ready-made data sets and share their own
  • upgrade skills among AI-experts from around the world
  • communicate with like-minded people
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Our clients

Mighty Builders


Igor Monahov

CEO at Connect Club

Last summer, we were very fortunate to start working with AiHub as our recruiter. Our choice fell on them due to the excellent reviews on the market. Thanks to productive collaboration, we've already filled our developer and HR positions, and at the moment we continue to work on other vacancies.

Alexey Hytrov

CEO at ID R&D Inc

Thanks to AiHub, we have hired a data engineer and plan to continue our fruitful cooperation in the future. The company has made a huge contribution to the startup ecosystem in the AI industry.