• How to become a partner at a hackathon?

    Leave a request at info@aihub.group and tell us about your activities and your proposal for the event. We work with legal entities registered in any country in the world
  • How to become a participant at a conference or hackathon?

    On AiHub social media on Linkedin and on Facebook, we post info about all the latest events. You can also subscribe to our library by scrolling down this page and receive news and event announcements directly to your inbox
  • How to become a conference speaker or an expert at a hackathon?

    Please contact us at info@aihub.group, send us your resume or Linkedin page and a link to several of your publications confirming your expertise. We will be happy to invite you to our next event as a speaker to share your knowledge!
  • How to get employment in the best companies in the world using AiHub?

    Please send an email to hr@aihub.group and our team of recruiters will let you know if our clients have any open vacancies. In any case, we will add your resume to our database, and as soon as we have an offer for you, we will get in touch.
  • Can I participate in a hackathon without a team?

    Yes, you can. A hackathon is a networking event aimed at sharing knowledge and meeting new people. Therefore, if you don't have your own team yet, come to the opening of the event, and we will introduce you to a team, in which you will have every chance of winning.

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