Hackathon organizing

We will plan your Tech competition online or offline

Organizing hackathons is the basis of our Tech specialist recruitment process

AiHub is a community that can organize your corporate hacking events in just 2 days – and within an optimal budget – 3 times cheaper than the average market price.

We have a strong community of Data Scientists and international experts involved in hackathons (from participants to jury and mentors).

We have held 18 major hackathons in the USA and Europe. Our database includes over 50 000 software & data specialists.

Organizing hackathons is the basis of our Tech specialist recruitment process

What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is an extreme programming competition, a 1-2 day marathon to develop software solutions for:

  • a specific problem
  • a search for innovatory options for the beneficial use of resources
  • new technology application for solving arbitrary tasks
The hackathon is also a great opportunity to hire the best data science specialists, software engineers, IT managers, machine learning experts and other specialists.
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How a Hackathon can add value to your enterprise

Best Tech specialists for hire

During the hackathon - in just 48 hours - you have the opportunity to evaluate the code of over 500 software developers.

Hire people with impressive problem-solving skills and soft skills in tune with your corporate culture

Increase in brand awareness

The HR brand plays a key role in the formation of the dream team, as well as in its development and growth. 

A hackathon is the ideal tool for increasing your brand awareness within the community of technical experts because at this event the participants will get in touch with your team and tasks

Fast hypothesis testing

During the hackathon, teams and experts are tasked with creating numerous prototypes that allow them to assess the potential of your R&D hypothesis in 48 hours and save a significant amount of time, effort and money for your company

Generation of ideas

After a short time, hackathon participants present various technological solutions on how to monetize your data and how to quickly integrate new technologies into business.

The time limit only increases the speed of participants' 
generation of ideas

Marketing product within your target audience

All hackathon participants are your target audience

By giving them the opportunity to test your product, API, or architecture, you increase awareness and engagement with that audience

Integration-ready solution

Upon completion of the hackathon, you receive all the developments. 

Thanks to international expert support, the quality of prototypes is very high and the chosen solution can be integrated into the business almost immediately

All this is possible with the help of hackathons organized on a turn-key basis by AiHub for your business needs.

The AiHub hackathon is an extreme programming competition, a 1-2 day marathon for developing software solutions for companies.

4 reasons why hackathons by AiHub are the best for solving your business problems

1. Some of the largest private companies such as Sberbank, MTS, Gazprom Neft, Megafon and others have entrusted us with the creation of their hacking events. We are also a Google community partner since 2019

2. We have formed a community of 30,000 data scientists and developers who are the winners of international Kaggle competitions, NIPS, etc., and we always involve top companies and experts from all over the world in our hackathons

3. We are the largest organizer of Artificial Intelligence hackathons and have already held 18 hackathons around the world. Our online and offline coding events bring together the best Data Scientists from the CIS and other countries and experts from all over the world

4. We are able to work with online and offline competition formats, we conduct custom turnkey events, as well as intra-corporate hackathons and events for several companies at once. Therefore, we will be happy to organize any hacking event for you in a convenient format


A. G. Kachour


We selected 10 prototypes of varying degrees of sophistication and many useful ideas

Sergey Rykov

Technical Director

Thanks to productive interaction, we closed the positions of developers and HR


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