What's more effective - online or offline hackathons?

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Today let's discuss the advantages of online and offline hackathons. FYI - we at AiHub have organised 18 hackathons across the world, accumulating a database of handpicked developers and data scientists in the process. We now recommend them for employment to our clients. Most of these people I have seen in action myself. Some I have met and observed only online. What are the advantages of online to me?
We can bring together a lot of people from different continents and with different backgrounds. This will provide a variety of approaches to solving the task posed at the hackathon.

The budget normally used to pay for the location rent, pizza and sodas can be used to attract international experts and top data scientists in the world. 
The participants get more time to prepare their solutions and we can also prolong the competition in such a way that the solutions discovered can immediately be integrated into our client's business. 
You can select only the strongest from the pool of participants, by excluding those without sufficient experience to be taking part in international competitions. This way the quality of the overall pool can be improved. 
Various cutting-edge technologies can be used - virtual chats, games, work-tracking apps, code-verification and other international startup platforms.

I could go on, but I think that the quality of the teams, internationality and use of cutting edge technology at the event are the main advantages.

What are the advantages of offline then? 
I can give a personal example - I'm better at meeting people offline. I immediately get a read on the person and there's something to be said for chemistry as well. There can be chemistry online, but it feels different. I can't really describe it. But I love people. I love to meet new people in person. I love face to face conversation.

It seems that when there are 500 talented people all present in the same place and at the same time they influence the energy of the place. This strengthens everyone's ability to concentrate and gain knowledge, especially if the hackathon is a 48 hour one, where the participants are on the floor around the clock. 
Branding. Our clients still want external advertising. it also works better for some of the audience, so banners, flyers and sponsor videos on screens are still very important. This kind of communion with our client's brand is not always possible online. There are visual-, audio- and kinaesthetic-oriented people out there, and they all need their own approach. 

I could go on, but I've made my choice. And you? Do you prefer online or offline events?

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